ITworldEdu 2018

ITworldEdu is a congress on technological innovation in education that brings together the most important representatives of the sector in order to learn about educational solutions and reflect together on the field of education.

Its purpose is to share news and trends in education technology and to showcase the experiences of the most innovative schools and the ICT-based ecosystems and methodologies that promote a better teaching-learning process.

In recent editions, ITworldEdu has grown in content, speakers and national and international projection to become a point of reference in the ICT education sector thanks to the quality of the programme and to an education-centred approach.

The congress is aimed at managers and directors of education centres and groups, innovative professors using techno-educational applications in classroom environments, businesses, start-ups and young entrepreneurs in technological solutions for the education sector, education associations, federations and other groups, prescribers of the uses of innovation in technology and education and senior officials in public administrations with competence in education and ICTs, among others.

It is organised by the Edutech Cluster in cooperation with Eurecat and is actively supported by the Catalan public authorities, particularly the Government of Catalonia.


Main themes

ITworldEdu is committed to the themes and content that currently arouse the most interest in the sector, especially how emerging technologies influence education and will foster the transformation of the sector.

Some of the trends that will be discussed in this edition include:

  • Adaptive Learning
  • Big Data and Security
  • STEM/STEAM projects
  • Communication and Mobile Learning
  • New learning methods
  • Internet of Things, Maker Culture, “Do It Yourself”
  • New formats of content and activities with digital resources

A new experience

The organisation of innovation workshops by schools and businesses will give prominence to the sector and lead an experience of co-creation and learning in a collaborative environment, among other proposals and activities:

  • Trends and perspectives discussed by experts in the sector
  • Good practice sessions discussed by educational technology companies
  • Innovation workshops and practical workshops in the fields of STEM, Maker Culture and emerging technologies
  • Creative dynamics with management teams
  • Immersive gamified educational activities
  • Networking and meeting points

Industry, a partner of the renovating school

As an essential partner in this process of transformation and generation of an advanced educational ecosystem, industry will participate by responding and reflecting jointly on both the methodological and technological aspects.

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