ITworldEdu seeks collaboration of companies and institutions that provide value, experience and knowledge. The purpose of the organization goes far beyond a simple sponsorship. The aim is to establish a partnership.

For ITworldEdu each company or institution is a unique ally, with flexible conditions adapted to their specificity, their knowledge and their interests.


Generating business opportunities

ITworldEdu attracts over 900 participants in the educational field, including managers and headmasters of educational institutions, opinion leaders and decision makers of purchase of technological and educational innovations.


ITworldEdu is the meeting point with the educational sector that enables companies to better promote products and/or solutions and have greater brand exposure.

Participation as a speaker

The active participation of sponsors in the preparation of workshops and exposition of good practices within the program allows a visualization of the business sector as an active agent and expert in providing innovative solutions for the sector.


ITworldEdu space is the ideal setting to establish bilateral meetings with potential customers and conducting networking activities with other agents and companies in the educational sector.

Sponsorship modalities

GOLD Sponsorship

Great brand visibility in graphics, website and conference materials, as well as the host of the keynote speaker.

Visibility in social networks.

Main exhibition space (12m2).

2 Best Practices Workshops in prime time.

SILVER Sponsorship

Highlight brand visibility in graphics, website and conference materials

1 Best Practices Workshop

Exhibition space (6m2).

BRONZE Sponsorship

Brand visibility in graphics, website and conference materials

Exhibition space (6m2).

Send an email to itworldedu@edutech.cat and we will work together on the partnership of your company in ITworldEdu 2017.

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